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We use less sugar in our pies than most recipes call for to allow the full flavor of the fresh fruit to shine through. We also have frozen TAKE & BAKE fruit pies so you can have an oven fresh handcrafted fruit pie any time you please! All of our pies can be made with a GLUTEN FREE crust and most of our fruit pies can be made VEGAN. We also offer NO SUGAR ADDED fruit pies for those watching their sugar intake. * Pricing for fruit pies may fluctuate slightly with market cost of fruit.

  • GLUTEN FREE crusts add $1 for 6" and $2 for 9" pies.
  • 3" Pielets $3.75 each ($42 per dozen)


A NO SUGAR ADDED option is available on all fruit pies. We use organic agave nectar to enhance the natural fruit sugars.

VEGAN Pie Crust

A VEGAN crust is available on all fruit pies. We use organic soy milk in place of the dairy in our VEGAN crust.


A GLUTEN FREE crust is available on all fruit and custard pies, quiche and cheesecakes. We use a combination of rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch.